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Weekly Hotlist: Learn to Love Networking


THE WEEKLY HOTLIST: Harvard Business Review

April 25, 2016

Learn to Love Networking

By Tiziana Casciaro, Francesca Gino, Maryam Kouchaki
Even people who find it repugnant can do it effectively.


How to Talk in Meetings When You Hate Talking in Meetings by Dana Rousmaniere



Even the Thought of Earning Less than Their Wives Changes How Men Behave by Dan Cassino

It’s enough to make some switch their vote from Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump.


Social Media Is Too Important to Be Left to the Marketing Department by Keith A. Quesenberry

Why companies need a cross-functional social media team.

Research & development

Innovative Companies Get Their Best Ideas from Academic Research — Here’s How They Do It by Greg Satell

Government-funded research is behind any significant new product.


A Quick Introduction to Agile Management by Darrell K. Rigby, Jeff Sutherland, Hirotaka Takeuchi

The system that’s changing the way we work.


The Mindset That Leads People to Be Dangerously Overconfident by Heidi Grant Halvorson

They’re fixated on innate ability.


How to Take the Bias Out of Interviews by Iris Bohnet

It’s easier to improve processes than people.


The Paradox of Workplace Productivity by Ryan Fuller

People have become more productive; companies, not so much.

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