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Desde HBR for Educators

Apple In China
Thunderbird School of Global Management
This case examines Apple's early entry into China, the challenges it faces there, and the evolution of its local sales and manufacturing activities. Students also learn about the Chinese telecommunications industry.
HNA Group: Global Excellence with Chinese Characteristics
Harvard Business School
As HNA Group seeks to replicate its success abroad, the company aims to elevate its service while maintaining a unique culture based on traditional Chinese values.
Chilli Beans: Peace, Love and Sunglasses
Harvard Business School
Chilli Beans is the most popular sunglasses retailer in Latin America. Students learn about the firm's stategy, culture, and operations, as well as the issues it faced when moving into the U.S. market.
ENOVE: Business Strategy in a Transitioning Economy
Ivey Publishing
In the wake of the Arab Spring, ENOVE must develop an expansion strategy in the unstable political and economic environment of Tunisia, its home country. President Peter Bismuth must decide whether to relocate operations to Morocco.
Lessons Learned from International Expansion Failures and Successes
Business Horizons
This article examines the foreign-market successes and failures of companies such as Tesco, Best Buy, Target, Aldo, Walmart, and Carrefour. The authors offer guidance for other companies looking to expand their physical presence abroad.
Kaizen in Translation: Suggestions Systems Across Cultures
Darden School of Business
This note examines the introduction of kaizen operations-improvement methods in 5 culturally distinct countries. Breaking down kaizen processes by function and cultural attribute can help unlock the key to its practical success.

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