martes, 13 de junio de 2017

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Accounting and corporate reporting
Standards and interpretations
IASB issues IFRIC 23 'Uncertainty over income tax treatments' - PwC In brief
IFRIC 23 clarifies how the recognition and measurement requirements of IAS 12 are applied where there is uncertainty over income tax treatments. The interpretation is effective from 1 January 2019 subject to EU endorsement.
For further details see our In brief and the press release.
Tools, practice aids and publications
PwC IFRS Talks - Episode 2: IFRS News June 2017
PwC released the second episode of the new podcast series. In this series PwC professionals will help you to keep up to date and share their perspectives on an increasingly complex financial reporting environment. You can listen to episodes at your convenience via your desktop computer or smartphone.
The second episode is 20 minutes of the latest IFRS News from leading IFRS Partners. The impact of Brexit on income tax accounting, a 10 minute lowdown on the new Insurance Standard and proposed changes on accounting for debt modification.
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20 minutes, twice a month will keep you up to date with IFRS.
Other news
IFRS News - June 2017
The June 2017 issue includes the following articles:

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