miércoles, 26 de julio de 2017

Desde HBR

Stop Giving Your Team Unnecessary Work

No one likes busy work. And yet, not only do we all have it, but most managers assign it. If your team is buckling under deadlines and stress, assess whether you’re giving them unnecessary tasks and then figure out how to ease the burden. Start by regularly auditing your team’s work. Ask team members to estimate how much time they spend on each task, how central the task is to their role, and how much value each task yields. For those tasks that are needless or low in value, solicit your team’s suggestions for how to reduce or eliminate them, and work together to implement solutions. Often, improving communication and granting greater autonomy can help to get rid of any inefficient processes. Keep in mind that you may not be the one assigning the unnecessary work. Advocate for your team by insisting on better information when your team receives unclear or conflicting directives from above. And always make sure your team gets the resources it needs to perform and thrive.

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