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June 03, 2016

Use Hackathons to Generate New Ideas

Hackathons are no longer just for coders. Companies far outside the tech world are using these intense brainstorming and development sessions to stir up new ideas on everything from culture change to supply chain management. To hold a productive hackathon, follow these five steps:
  1. Stoke creativity. A short team activity can help participants open their minds. It can be as simple as challenging teams to brainstorm uses for an oddly shaped object.
  2. Empathize with customers. A promising idea starts with a deep understanding of who your end users are, what they need, and why.
  3. Ask the right question. Start with an open-ended but clear challenge, such as: “How might we help our sales team interact with contacts more effectively?”
  4. Prototype quickly. Prototyping can be as simple as drawing a product on paper.
  5. Nurture the best ideas. Put resources behind the strongest pitches after the hackathon ends.

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