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Top 3 Biggest Dilemmas With Your Auditors

Any company (a client) says: “Oh man, auditors are really expensive, dull, annoying and they don’t leave us alone. Pain in the ass.”
And auditors think: “OMG, am I really working out these cash flows on behalf of these people? What a mess here! I wanna go to the beach.”
Yes, I know, I know.
The relationship between the clients and their auditors is very sensitive and delicate and often, we don’t know what we can afford to do or to say.
For example:
  • Can your auditor prepare financial statements on your behalf?
  • Can your auditor force you to book something you don’t want?
  • Do you need to hire the same auditor as your parent company hired?
  • An auditor is your supplier (you pay!), therefore he must issue the favorable opinion, isn’t it?
In my article Top 3 Biggest Dilemmas With Your Auditors, I tried to respond to these questions and give a little guidance about what to do.

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