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Accounting and corporate reporting
PwC guidance
Modification of financial liabilities - PwC In brief
In July 2017, the IASB confirmed the accounting for modifications of financial liabilities. That is, when a financial liability measured at amortised cost is modified without this resulting in derecognition, a gain or loss should be recognised in profit or loss. The gain or loss is calculated as the difference between the original contractual cash flows and the modified cash flows discounted at the original effective interest rate. This In brief looks at the details.
Second GPPC paper on the auditor’s response to the risks of material misstatement posed by estimates of expected credit losses under IFRS 9 - PwC In brief
The introduction of the requirement to estimate expected credit losses (ECLs) under IFRS 9, 'Financial instruments', is one of the most significant changes to financial reporting by banks. A new paper from the Global Public Policy Committee has been issued to promote high quality audits of the accounting for expected credit losses by systemically-important banks (SIBs) and to assist audit committees in assessing the effectiveness of auditor’s response to the risk of material misstatement. For further details see our In brief.
Accounting consideration for Venezuelan entities (update as of July 2017) - PwC In brief
This In brief supersedes In brief INT2015-14, ‘Accounting considerations for Venezuelan subsidiaries’ and In brief INT2016-06, ‘Accounting considerations for Venezuelan entities - updates as of February 2016’.
This In brief reflects the latest development of exchange rate regime in Venezuela and discusses related accounting implication.
Transitioning to IFRS 9, 15, 16, 17? First-time adopters and those preparing transaction documents may need to do things differently - PwC In brief
This In brief highlights the differences between existing reporters, first-time adopters and those preparing transaction-related financial information when transitioning to new standards (IFRS 9,'Financial instruments', IFRS 15,'Revenue from contracts with customers', IFRS 16,'Leases' and IFRS 17, 'Insurance contracts').
IFRS 9 impairment: how to include multiple forward-looking scenarios - PwC In depth
One of the most complex aspects of ECL impairment is the need to incorporate forward-looking information and, in particular, to consider the effect of multiple forward-looking scenarios. Whilst industry thinking will almost inevitably continue to evolve, this publication brings together our latest thinking on this subject.
For further details, see In depth INT2017-05.
Tools, practice aids and publications
Illustrative IFRS consolidated financial statements for 2017 year ends - now in stock
Our Illustrative IFRS consolidated financial statements for 2017 year ends (global edition) publication is available in hard copy; orders can be placed via ifrspublicationsonline.com. PwC staff should refer to our internal ordering instructions.
PwC IFRSTalks – PwC podcasts
In this series PwC professionals will help you to keep up to date and share their perspectives on an increasingly complex financial reporting environment. You can listen to episodes at your convenience via your desktop. 
Episode 5: IFRS 15, Revenue
PwC has released the fifth episode of their IFRS podcast series.
In this episode Tony Debell, PwC IFRS Revenue Leader, helps us get to grips with the 5 step model in IFRS 15, the new revenue standard.
Episode 6 : IFRS News August 2017
PwC released the sixth episode of the new podcast series.
The sixth episode is 20 minutes of the latest IFRS News from leading IFRS Partners. Definition of the fair value, the commonly used measurement methods and request for information on IFRS 13.
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20 minutes, twice a month will keep you up to date with IFRS.
Analysing IFRS 16 Leases XI: Sale and leaseback
This is the eleventh video in a series on the key issues in implementing the new leases standard IFRS 16. In this video, Avni Mashru and Richard Brown discuss how to account for sale and leaseback transactions under IFRS 16, how that compares to the current accounting under IAS 17 and the accounting on transition for sale and leaseback transactions that you’ve already undertaken or will do before adopting IFRS 16.
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IFRS News - August 2017
The August 2017 issue includes the following articles

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