lunes, 13 de febrero de 2017

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Head Off Your Next Angry Outburst

When you’re angry or disappointed with a colleague, it can be tempting to dash off a text or email to say so. But an angry message sent in haste can ruin a relationship. Before communicating, ask yourself:
  • What outcome do I want? Think about your end goal and respond in a way that will achieve it.
  • What should I communicate? If, for example, you want to be in the loop on a project, saying “I’m concerned that you didn’t include me in that meeting” is clearly a better choice than “I can’t believe you didn’t include me!”
  • How should I communicate? If you listen to other people, they’ll most likely return the favor. Be curious and ask questions. Ask other people whether you’ve understood their perspective.
  • When should I communicate? Wait until you can approach the conversation with curiosity, compassion, and clarity, and until the other person is likely to be generous and calm.

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