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THE MANAGEMENT TIP OF THE DAY: Harvard Business Review

December 22, 2015

Stop Checking Your Work Email at Night

Many of us are unhealthily obsessed with our work email. When we’re checking it on weekends or at night — or both — we aren’t giving our brains the vital downtime they need to relax and recharge. Research has found that “telepressure,” the urge to respond to emails and phone calls even when we aren’t at work, sabotages our productivity and creativity. The best way to address this problem is to take action. If you’re a leader, set a good example by resisting the urge to send late-night emails and talking to your team about when they should — and shouldn’t — be available. If you aren’t a leader, think honestly about when you actually need to be on call outside of work. There’s no hard evidence that people who work the longest hours are the most successful. Almost anything can wait until tomorrow.


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