martes, 28 de marzo de 2017

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Don’t Share Office Gossip with Your New Coworker

It might be tempting to bend your new coworker’s ear and let him in on all of the office dirt. You may even think you’re helping him out by giving him the inside scoop. But sharing the ins and outs of office politics with the newcomer isn’t always advisable. Doing so could reflect badly on you and bias him against his new coworkers. Of course you can help your new colleague get acclimated to the office, but check your motives first. Are you trying to make life easier for him, or get him on your side? Even if your intentions are positive, carefully choose the information you share. After all, you don’t know what your new colleague might tell others, exposing you and possibly damaging your reputation. Follow this simple rule: Only share what you would be comfortable sharing with everyone. Act as if everybody’s listening.

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