martes, 19 de enero de 2016

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Steps to stronger leadership in 2016
This year, resolve to take your leadership skills to the next level. These quarter-by-quarter tips will help you break your goals down into manageable stages.
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What NOT to do if you win the lottery
Avoid these mistakes so you'll be able to enjoy your new fortune.
Controversial charitable donation rules withdrawn
The proposed regulations had been released last September.
Why only billing by the hour will cost you money (Video)
As efficiency increases, CPAs who bill hourly are bound to make less money.
This app could help with meeting planning
Doodle simplifies the process of scheduling events with multiple participants.
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Featured AICPA Products
 Professional Ethics: 2016 Update and Refresher
This CPE course will update you on the new and revised ethical requirements that have been adopted during the past year or were being proposed or considered at the time this course was developed.
 Tax Rate Evaluator: A Graphical Calculator for Tax Planning, 2016 Edition
These Excel-based calculators allow you to get a full view of the effect the new tax system has on your clients and will enable you to navigate the "new normal" of retirement planning.
 1040 Tax Return Workshop
Ensure you're prepared this tax season. This CPE course will help you learn how to apply the latest changes when preparing federal income tax returns and advise clients on new developments and tax-saving ideas.
 AICPA's Annual Federal Tax Update
Stay up to date on the latest tax developments! This comprehensive CPE course covers all legislative, judicial, and IRS developments of the past year with an emphasis on implementation and compliance.

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