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January 06, 2016

Ask Yourself Why You Want to Become a Manager

Becoming a manager is a huge change in your role. Some newly promoted leaders excel, but others wonder what they’ve gotten themselves into. If you’re ambivalent about making the leap to manager, here’s what to consider:
  • Count the cost.Taking on new responsibilities will require you to give up old ones. Are you willing to rethink your relationships with your former peers? To consider the bigger picture in all situations?
  • Listen to your fears. Worrying about failure or criticism is normal; if you aren’t afraid, you shouldn’t be trusted with leadership. But how do you deal with fear? Do you acknowledge it without giving in to it? Or do you bury it beneath a brash show of confidence?
  • Check your motive. Are you driven by ambition or contribution? By looking good or doing good? A manager’s job is to support her team, not to guard her power jealously.

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