jueves, 14 de enero de 2016

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January 14, 2016

Know How to Work for a Boss Who’s Younger than You

Part of your job is to support your boss, but that feels tricky if your boss is younger than you. How do you put age aside? How do you keep ego from getting in the way of the relationship?
  • Reflect. If you’re bothered by your boss’s age, ask yourself what’s really bothering you. Do you want his job for yourself?
  • Don’t buy into stereotypes. Instead of dwelling on your differences, focus on what you have in common. Avoid pigeonholing your boss’s entire age group, and steer clear of broad generalizations.
  • Show respect. Your boss may feel uncomfortable or intimidated by your level of experience, so be humble. Recognize that you and your boss both have skills to contribute.
  • Aim to be a partner. Your goal should be to work with your boss as a peer. Experience gives you credibility, so use it to be helpful and to provide information and counsel.

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