viernes, 8 de enero de 2016

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Leadership & Innovation Experience, Analytics Experience

S6P Innovation and Analytics: Getting from Insight to Impact

Analytics is a hot topic today, and much of the buzz surrounds the insight that can be achieved with analytics. We often act as if insight is an inherently wonderful thing. The reality, however, is that insight not acted upon has no purpose and little value. To achieve real value, we must understand and be able to navigate the path from insight to innovation, and from innovation to business impact.

You Will Learn

  • Concepts and principles for the what, why, and how of innovation
  • Cohesion and connections among the six i’s—insight, ideation, imagination, inspiration, innovation, and impact
  • Myths, truths, and types of innovation
  • Creativity and the art of innovation
  • Techniques, tools, and the science of innovation
  • Investing, leading, and organizing, and the disciplines of innovation

Geared To

  • Business managers, business analysts, data analysts, and data scientists who need to move beyond creating insight and create real business value; Leaders and champions of business innovation; Anyone who is or aspires to be a member of an innovation team

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