lunes, 4 de enero de 2016

Desde TDWI


MK Keynote: How Analytics Drives Innovation—and Vice Versa!

We’ve all been reading about companies that were “born digital.” You know the ones—those West Coast, formerly dot-com bastions of online commerce and social media. These companies have as many developers as they do business people—and more data scientists than workaday users. When it comes to technology funding, their cup runneth over.
Come hear what going digital is like for mainstream companies who need to run their operations as they innovate, creating a digital playbook that encompasses—indeed, transcends!—existing development pipelines and incumbent technologies. Noted author, speaker, and consultant Jill Dyché will explore the collision between leadership, information, and digital. She’ll discuss the roles analytics and data play in innovation, as well as present the do’s and don’ts of forming an innovation lab. Use this dynamic and fun session as a playbook and a set of lessons learned on what it takes to become a truly innovation-driven enterprise in the real world.

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