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Yann Martel

The Life of Pi author returns with The High Mountains of Portugal, a labyrinthine novel that intertwines human stories and spans continents—and there are chimpanzees!

Lois McMaster Bujold

Thirty years after the start of her epic Vorkosigan Saga, the science fiction master continues to develop her rich universe in Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen.


Together with ForYourArt, we asked an influential group of artists and writers, including Miranda July, Janet Fitch, and Aram Saroyan, to share a handwritten list of their favorite books!


Petina Gappah

An albino woman on death row at Zimbabwe's Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison writes down her unusual life story in the new novel The Book of Memory.


Sudden Death

Italian painter Caravaggio and Spanish poet Quevedo engage in a deadly allegorical tennis match in this metaphysical romp of a novel that vaults through time to explore art, history, religion, and modern thought.

My Father, the Pornographer: A Memoir

by Chris Offutt (Goodreads Author)
This memoir recounts a son's journey to understand his father, the author of more than 400 pornographic novels. Offutt works to forgive as he describes the distant man who was more dedicated to his writing than to his family.

A Criminal Magic

by Lee Kelly (Goodreads Author)
What if Prohibition outlawed magic instead of alcohol? This 1920s historical fantasy is packed with gangsters and magical speakeasies. When a sorceress named Joan meets Alex, a federal spy, they must decide whom to trust.

While the City Slept: A Love Lost to Violence and a Young Man's Descent into Madness

by Eli Sanders (Goodreads Author)
Who is to blame when mental illness leads to violence? In this true-crime narrative, journalist Sanders delves into a 2009 case of rape and murder in Seattle, looking at a complex sequence of events from every angle.

Try Not to Breathe

by Holly Seddon (Goodreads Author)
Left for dead, Amy Stevenson has been in a coma for 15 years, her attacker never found. Struggling alcoholic and reporter Alex Dale becomes obsessed with the cold case in this psychological thriller, even as her own life unravels.

Symptoms of Being Human

by Jeff Garvin (Goodreads Author)
Sometimes high schooler Riley Cavanaugh identifies as a girl, and sometimes as a boy. But growing up gender fluid in a conservative town isn't easy—or even safe—and Riley's politician dad is up for reelection in this novel for teens.


Want your words to reach millions of people? Goodreads and the ¡POETRY! group have partnered to host an ongoing poetry contest. Join the ¡POETRY! group and vote each month to pick a winner from among the finalists. You can also submit a poem for consideration. Here is this month's winner!

This Is Home

We will always be here, you said.
This town and you and the rusty moon
Under the browned trees and the night sky.

The permanence, a brick house,
Built to withstand earthquakes and silent explosions.
Inside I am never the same.

It's a smack in the face
The beauty of you on the last night
Before the world comes back to claim me.

My heart, a packed suitcase,
Exchanging blood and oxygen for the salty ocean
And the forested mountains.

Did I mistake the tenderness of your words?
With my open hand on your heart,
My head on your chest.

I said I love you,
You want me to be happy.
Zipping up the moment like a tight pair of jeans.

My friend, we are oceans divided
By the comforts of home,
And the soft curve of loneliness.

I was the one who left
Resolved you would never consider that
You are the point inside where joy begins.

We shrug it off
And pull away without exhaling
Until sleep restores the unfussed mess of us.

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