martes, 2 de febrero de 2016

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I would really love to hear from you. What is your biggest issue in IFRS? What do you find particularly difficult? And what do you need to help with?
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Now, let me describe a bit what to expect within the next few weeks:
- You will receive several IFRS lectures from me to put you on the right starting line. Some lectures come with the video, some of them with Excel file - just follow my e-mails carefully and learn about the hottest IFRS topics, including leases, foreign currencies, new revenue recognition standard IFRS 15, cash flow statements, and more.
- To encourage you in your learning, I will also send you a couple of tips for your learning, plus my report on the 3 biggest myths in IFRS and how to avoid them (but you'll have to wait a bit :) )
- I normally publish 1 new article or lecture every 2 or 3 weeks. You will receive an e-mail from me whenever I publish something new to keep you updated.
Sounds good?
OK, so tomorrow, we will start with the first topic that companies perceive as "very difficult to apply":
Lease accounting!
It used to be a first-class example of off-balance sheet financing – companies simply used to hide their obligations from finance leases. Some of them did it intentionally, but most of them did it due to lack of good IFRS knowledge and resources.
But how do you account for leases in line with IFRS?
Stay tuned tomorrow because you'll receive the first lecture.
Take care!

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