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Web Seminar  Simplifying business return processing via technology, integrated solutions and best practices
Jun. 08, 2017 | 2 PM ET/11 AM PT
Hosted by Accounting Today
There are many challenges tax professionals face when preparing business tax returns. And likewise, there are a number of things you can do make life easier when addressing those challenges, such as employing technology solutions and implementing new and improved processes.
Join Wolters Kluwer’s Frank Giudice -- Senior Tax Consultant -- and Jo Ann Cummings, CPA, PMC -- Technical Product Manager, Tax Software -- to take a look at these challenges and some associated business tax software solutions during this FREE one hour webinar. We’ll cover:
  • Managing Trial Balances - Most business returns require a trial balance as an integral part of the tax preparation process. It can be time consuming to keep the trial balance and business tax return in sync.

  • Dynamic Computations vs. Static Data Entry - Due to tying back to a trial balance, data in a business return tends to be interrelated. Once a business return is in balance, changing one number often requires changing other related information. It can be time consuming to assure modifications are carried through the entire return appropriately.

  • Comprehensive Diagnostics – Business returns can be complex and require that various components of the return tie out against each other while complying with tax regulations.

  • Managing K-1 Information - When preparing Partnership or S-Corp returns, preparers must often manually enter the K-1 data in the taxpayer’s personal return. This can be time consuming and error prone, and there are often limitations to consider.

  • Meeting Federal and State Electronic Filing Requirements - Every year, more and more federal and state return types fall under electronic filing mandates.
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Jo Ann Cummings, CPA, PMC
Technical Product Manager
CCH Axcess Tax,
CCH ProSystem fx Tax & CCH Global fx Tax
Frank Giudice
Senior Tax Consultant
Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting US

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