jueves, 12 de enero de 2017

Desde HBR

What to Ask Yourself Before Giving Up on Your Dream

You’ve recently launched your brainchild — a new business, a new career path, or a new role inside your company — but things aren’t off to a roaring start. No one wants to declare their dream dead. But if yours is on life support and you’re channeling valuable resources into a failing cause, you may need to accept the inevitable. How do you know whether you should give up or hang on? If your answers to the following questions are “yes,” that suggests growth is coming:
  • Does your business (or position in your company) occupy an otherwise unoccupied niche?
  • Are you playing to your strengths?
  • Based on your answers to the two previous questions, have you assumed the right risks?
  • Do you find your work difficult but not debilitating?
  • Are you gaining momentum?

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