miércoles, 18 de enero de 2017

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Your Sales Team Should Help Implement Your Strategy

Often, the reason a company’s strategy fails is its salespeople focus solely on quotas and targets, ignoring the company’s overarching strategy. If you want your strategy to be implemented by your sales team, you should make sure three things are happening:
  • Your salespeople are targeting the right people. It’s common for sales teams to chase easy deals, disregarding the ideal client profile. Make sure your sales team is focusing on the organizations you wish to market to, and be assertive about your expectations.
  • If your strategy changes, your salespeople’s does too. Sales professionals need to break away from old approaches and determine how best to adjust their marketing techniques to the new company strategy.
  • Your sales team is focusing on client needs. Instead of old-school pitching, sellers need to have deeper conversations with clients about their objectives and provide insight on how the company can help.

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